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Getting to know us - a little bit about Margaret

I completed my first race when I was 8. It was a little town fun run.

I ran cross country and tack in middle school and high school.

In college my coach was impressed by my endurance and I ran the steeple chase for two years. 

I have always loved running because I love the outdoors and it was a great way for me to explore.

Some random facts about me:

In second grade I took Irish dance lessons. I am not too coordinated. It really was just a way for me to get free cupcakes after dance practice. if you have seen my dance videos, you will know that I took nothing away from this early dance experience with the exception of my continued love for sugar!

I am a pediatric occupational therapist. I love teaching kids how to do new and amazing things. I am constantly humbled by the way they take everything in stride and see the world in a new and amazing way. They are so patient with the learning process. They inspire me every day. It's a gift to be able to go outside and run the trails. I hope I never loose this perspective.

My husband takes the majority of my photos on the trails. He is a trooper. I prefer trails over the road. Time just seems to go by so fast in nature. And there is always something to discover. 



Denver, CO, USA



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